Issue #120, Winter 2020

Chiron Review is in a 6×9, perfect bound, softcover format. Our ebook edition supports Kindle, iBooks, Nook and most other readers and devices.

Poems by: Joan E. Bauer, Brenton Booth, Adam Church, Joan Colby, Sandy Coomer, Rachel Custer, W.D. Ehrhart, Edward Field, Ruth Moon Kempher, klipschutz, Kyle Laws, Lyn Lifshin, Anthony Lucero, Tamara Madison, DS Maolalai, Alicia Mathias, Diane Sahms, Steve Sibra, David J. Thompson, Jeri Thompson, Charles Harper Webb, John Sibley Williams & Kristin Withers.

Prose by: Rachel Bullock, Alexis Garcia, Rosalind Goldsmith, Jedediah Smith & Amirah Al Wassif.

Cover art by Andre Estevez. Design by Craig Ashby.