Writer’s Guidelines

Chiron Review
522 E South Ave
St John, KS 67576

POETRY: Please send up to three (3) poems. We strongly prefer e-mail submissions. All poems, full postal address, and updated 60-word 3rd person bio must be in one (1) single MS Word document attachment, or in the body of one (1) e-mail, with every submission. We will consider postal submissions of poetry with SASE.

FICTION: Submissions must be e-mail MS Word attachment, we don’t consider fiction in any other format. Your name as you would wish it to appear, updated 60-word 3rd person bio, and full postal address must be included in one (1) single MS Word attachment or in the body of one (1) email, with every submission.

We seldom consider simultaneous submissions or previously published work, but feel free to ask as we have been known to make exceptions.

Please note our new e-mail address: chironreview2@gmail.com

Payment is one contributor’s copy. Chiron Review copyrights your work in your name.

Submissions Update

Not-Written-In-Stone Deadlines

Our 2020 issues are full up with poetry, so we are closed to submissions until further notice. Please check back here Nov. 1, 2020 for updates.

Due to a missed issue (fall 2019) and some record-keeping errors on the publisher’s part, we are already full-up with fiction, too. We will not open to fiction submissions this year.

Although we skipped the fall issue due to unavoidable circumstances, subscriptions are managed by consecutive issue number, so subscribers will not miss anything they’ve paid for.

We do not consider unsolicited submissions of art or interviews.